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Hard to imagine that an endeavor that started with a horse head in a frying pan could go wrong.

A chocolate horse head that some of you may remember from THIS. The goal was chocolate-covered strawberries. I bought the strawberries, washed and dried them, and started the chocolate.

Anyone who knows me should know that patience is NOT my strong suit. I started the chocolate out slow and low, as directed, but that didn’t last long.

Want. To. Dip. NOW. So, I borrowed from my mother’s cooking repertoire and cranked ‘er up, which is never a good idea. The chocolate started snap-crackle-popping and little burned bits started appearing in the chocolate. I tried to smooth the whole business over by adding some milk, which definitely upped the creaminess, but didn’t break up the burned bits. Moving on…..

I dipped away and carefully placed the bumpy, crunchy, chocolate strawberries on a tray covered with wax paper and waited. The chocolate hardened up pretty nicely and had great flavor. BUT. It wouldn’t STAY on the strawberries. Obviously I didn’t dry them off as well as I should have, before dipping.

I know. I’m sad, too.