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Last night, when I went into his room to say goodnight, Evan quickly switched off whatever he was watching on his iPod and opened a game app instead. That’s not suspicious at all. Uh oh.

Mom: What were you watching there, buddy?

Evan: You heard it.

Mom: Nope, no I actually did not. Was it YouTube?

Evan: Yep.

Mom: [Again – uh oh] Well, what was it?

Evan: You know. I watch lip sync-ers and those magic trick videos. [He does watch those]

Mom: Was that what you were watching tonight?

Evan: No.

Mom: What WAS it?

Evan: [with eyes downcast] Fighting.

Here, I have a small panic attack…on the inside. My first thought is Brad Pitt and Edward Norton beating the tar out of each other….followed quickly by “Oh, god. He’s probably watching degenerate teens beat up homeless people, or girls in bikinis (if we’re lucky) pulling each other’s hair, dog fighting, or something WORSE!!!!!”

Mom: Can I see it? [deep breaths]

Evan: [grudgingly] Sure. Here.

At first I don’t see anything, but I can hear a crowd cheering. Then, I hear the organ music. Organ music? Huh?

And the Flyers and the Bruins take the ice.