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To hear Bailey tell the story, it went down a little like this…..

image from allmoviephoto.com

His camp counselors tell a slightly different story.

I got a phone call a few days ago that Bailey had been in a “bit of a scrap” at camp. Bailey and his buddy Rambo (yes, Rambo) were playing, and Bailey got a little bossy — “come on! – let’s play! – you’re not tired! – come onnnnnnnn!!!!!!” backing Rambo up into the corner of the play room. And THIS is Rambo…

Yes, Rambo is a 100 lb. Alaskan Malamute. The counselor who was in with them said that Rambo just whipped his head around, like “quit YELLING at me, little buddy!” and caught his canine tooth on Bailey’s HEAD.

By the time I talked to them, they’d already taken Bailey right over to Banfield Vet Hospital, inside Petsmart, where they shaved, flushed, and treated the area. Bailey was apparently unfazed by the whole experience and would have just kept on playing if they hadn’t seen the blood running down his face. He had lunch, then, and spent the rest of the afternoon in a private room in the Petshotel.

We were VERY pleased with the treatment he received. Petsmart paid the Banfield bill, and they sent us home with two weeks of antibiotics, three days of chewable pain pills, and a bag of pre-soaked cleansing gauzes — all paid for. They also adjusted Bailey’s bill for camp, since he didn’t get to enjoy the afternoon session. Very fair.

They DID move him into the small dog camp for the rest of the week — so he wouldn’t get his wound snagged in with the big guys. He wasn’t thrilled, but he was a pretty good sport…