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photo - Morrison World Media

I’m a little on edge today. I fully expect DEA agents to descend on my workplace at any moment. You see, I purchased pseudoephedrine TWICE in the past four days – once for Scott and, now, for myself (thanks for sharing your cold, sweetie). I did shop at two different pharmacies, though, so they could be a few days behind on my trail.

Remember the days when you could stuff your shopping cart with Sudafed, and, oh, I don’t know, TREAT YOUR COLD??!!! Now, it’s behind the counter, and you have to slip the pharmacist a hang tag from the cold and allergy aisle and your driver’s license. Then you have to SIGN for it. I’m surprised they don’t take a picture of your miserably congested face, as further documentation.

Of course, you can buy their “new” product, Sudafed PE (PE for Pointless Effort?) – whose main ingredient is phenylephrine HCl. You can even get it generically. WHY? Because it DOESN”T work — not for colds and not for cooking methamphetamines.

Two different slices of America, equally disappointed. Personally, I’d be more afraid of middle-aged women with head colds.