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In the interest of reporting the good along with the bad, I’d like to share our morning with you. The twins had their ass-crack of dawn 7:45 am indoor soccer game this morning, and Scott took them over there around 7:15.

Not going to the game, I felt like I should probably do something ELSE productive, so I decided to get an oil change for the Tiguan. The car has been begging for attention, in the form of a flashing “Service NOW” message on the dashboard, for about two months. I knew what it wanted, but chose to ignore its plea. Today’s cars are programmed to ask for an oil change every 3,000 miles, which, like the sell-by date on food (see post regarding), is a recommendation that I like to play loose and easy with.

Bailey and I were at Landis Wash & Lube when they opened, at 8 am, and he quickly charmed everyone in the waiting room…

“I could never bring MY dog in somewhere like this and have her just hang out!”

“Hey there buddy — want a scratch?”

“How old is he?……not even TWO?.. WOW”

“My wife and I are looking for a rescue dog. We need one with a personality like HIS!”

I did feel like I should tell that last guy about the Christmas tree, and I did, just so he knew what ELSE they might be getting themselves in to. Ermm.

We were done in less than an hour and ready for our FREE car wash. Usually, I’m in too much of a hurry to take advantage of this perk, so I didn’t realize that YOU roll the car through the wash.

I was a little worried that Bailey might have some kind of meltdown in the back of the car, for his first time through the “wash monster”…

image credit to MOLLYBLOCK on Flickr

And…..he was AWESOME — right there — WAY in the back, right at the rear window. He didn’t bark, he didn’t even flinch! That’s my BOY!!!!!