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I was being so good. I was tracking everything I ate. I walked on the treadmill TWO days in a row. I ate lettuce. I lost a few pounds. And, now THIS?! One lousy hormonal day, and I ate ALL of THIS…

That’s right–

8am – two bowls of Frosted Flakes with a cup of coffee

10am – Dunkin Donuts blueberry cake donut

11am – Nature Valley Granola Thins – dark chocolate/peanut butter

12pm – Panera Bread asagio cheese bagel with light cream cheese, Diet Coke, and Dunkin Donuts glazed cake donut

2pm – PB Jamwich (strawberry) and handful of Hershey Kisses

4pm – Philadelphia Pretzel Factory cheesy pretzel dog with honey mustard

5pm – Nutter Butter minis

Individually satisfying? HELL YES! Totally disgusting? Well, yes. Yes indeedy. I need saved from myself! I already asked Scott, but he’s afraid to get between me and food this evening. Can’t say that I blame him. This too shall pass (one would hope).