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Although Bailey is still attending Doggy Day Camp while I am at work, we had planned to leave him alone at home for other short periods of time and record his behavior using a web cam. The first footage was filmed two weekends ago, during one 90 minute family trip to Target and a two-hour visit with Scott’s grandmother, before she “snowbird-ed” south on the “amish” bus (definition:  a tour company that takes weekly trips, filled mostly with the Amish — to Florida and back).

The results were uneventful – long stretches of Bailey hanging out in the front window broken up by brief forays into the family room and kitchen, hiding and subsequently retrieving his bone. A similar 90 minute video was filmed this past Saturday. It was Monday (MLK holiday) when we caught the image below — 1 hour and 4 minutes after the kids and I left for lunch and bowling.

Our suspect has in his mouth a large Build-A-Bear teddy bear. Whaaaa? All of the doors upstairs were closed. Evan checked, and I double checked, before we left. Looking up from the foyer, Evan’s door was OPEN!

You can actually hear, on the video, Bailey heading upstairs AND Evan’s door clicking open (thank you, dumb door handle designer). The victim was found, covered in dog slobber, in the family room. Unfortunately, his eyes were in the living room…

We put his eyes on ice while we assembled a surgical team…

After a preoperative shampoo and blow dry, Mr. Bear was prepped and ready for the operating room.

 No fur grafts were necessary, and the patient is expected to make a full recovery.

All in all, it could certainly have been worse, seeing as Evan’s room was open for two hours. We’ll be LOCKING the bedrooms next time. I’m relatively confident that he can’t reach the keys on the top of each door frame…

The vet called today for our two-week check in, and we talked about all four of the videos. She feels, as do we, that Bailey is obviously not freaking out about being home alone — he doesn’t bark at all in the footage- and this is a good thing. She suggested a basket of toys/treats which he ONLY gets when we are leaving the house. Alrighty.

Stay tuned!