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In news of the bizarre, the buzz around town is that Lady Gaga is moving to the neighborhood. Okay, maybe not OUR neighborhood, but really close nearby.

Rumors started swirling last month, after Gaga made several low-key visits to the area. She accompanied her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney (who the hell is HE? from Vampire Diaries), a graduate of Lancaster Mennonite High School. In an area known for it’s conservative bent and insular Amish community, two interesting things happened. Hardly anybody recognized her initially (she wasn’t wearing meat) and those who did were apparently very cool about it, which was nice for her, I’m sure.

Here’s a picture of her in OUR Giant grocery store with what’s-his-name. I buy chicken legs RIGHT THERE. Oooohhhh….

Suddenly, she was moving here. At least that’s what the talk was among the fourth grade boys – that’s when I first heard of it. Then it was everywhere. There was even a house said to be THE house that she was buying.

Gaga’s new pad? A reported sighting of Billboard’s Artist of the Year turned out to be a sighting of the listing agent for the home in the same gated community where Kinney’s parents still live. The agent was wearing a long leopard coat and spiked heels (really a  decoy?)


At any rate, tongues have certainly been wagging. Radio stations have had contests called “House-Hunting with Gaga” — where callers tried to guess which “house” Gaga had bought — numbered virtual “doors” — behind which you could hear Gaga’s voice and win some swag or get the “cranky neighbor” recording and nothing. Charming.

Caruso’s, the pizza joint down the road, used their sign board last week to say “Welcome, Lady Gaga” — (editorial note: I went by there today to take a pic for this post, and it was changed…damn divisional playoffs.) We did see a new one today though……

This is certainly interesting, so close to home.  I like her music and have her songs on my iPod, but I guess I’m too old to be TOO excited?

The last time I got sufficiently worked up over a celebrity sighting was back in ’87, when Brat Pack hottie Andrew McCarthy filmed the movie Mannequin (also, notably, a pre-skank vehicle for Kim Cattrell) at a department store near my parents’ house.

My mom drove me and a couple of starry-eyed friends to the filming, and, besides a long-lost Polaroid of the back of his head in the crowd, the only thing that I remember is McCarthy, in true Brat-Pack style, growling for a pack of cigarettes between takes. We were weak in the knees!

If Lady Gaga (“may I call you Stefani?”) does move into our neck of the woods, you can be sure that all the Little Monsters will be out of their minds, but I’m sure she’d be a gracious neighbor….unlike that OTHER near-ish neighbor of ours….