A few things I’d like the boys to share with me SOONER rather than LATER…

  • Someone spilled a soda in the basement and tried to clean it up with toilet paper (it looked like it SNOWED).
  • Will’s neck hurts because he and Evan were wrestling in the basement, NOT from “laying back on the couch too hard”.
  • The dog ate Hershey kisses that someone dropped on the floor (see below).
  • The dog vomited under the dining room table.
  • One of them is the “student of the week” and needs family photos, touching note from parents, and a bag of no less than four items that represent their inner self…by tomorrow.
  • Someone volunteered to provide enough rice to fill thirty tube-sock snowmen.
  • The upstairs toilet is clogged….again.
  • They ran out of body wash and shampoo…a week ago.
  • Their lunch account is $20 in the red, and they’ve been eating subsidized cheese on white bread for four days.

It’s hard to convince them that I wouldn’t have been mad, if they’d told me right away. Sometimes it’s a matter of degrees, like, I might not be SCREAMING right now, if I’d been told earlier. I guess you take your chances…..