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My approach to dieting…

When David Zinczenko (of Eat This, Not That fame) tells me that eating a taco salad at Chili’s is the equivalent of a dozen Krispy Kremes, my first thought is “Screw the salad, I’m having the DONUTS next time!”

Mr. Z would suggest that a better choice than the taco salad would be two chicken soft tacos with low-fat sour cream and a tablespoon of guacamole. Guess what?!  Order that, your taste buds feel cheated AND in thirty minutes, you’re hungry. *cue sad music*

I know that there are some changes I could make that would improve my health. Scott and I recently began logging our meals using MyFitnessPal. A sample day in my diary shows some obvious areas for improvement.

Never mind the Lucky Charms. The box of Lindt truffles was probably not a good addition to breakfast. Later in the day, TWO Panera bagels with cream cheese showed up, one as a “dessert” and one as a “snack”….350 calories each time. Enjoying two beers with dinner set me back another 250 calories. Total calories for the day? 2,600. SWEET. Except for the fact that my recommended calories were 1,200. Ermm.

Something I need to INCREASE in my diet is WATER. I can easily go three days where the only water I get is the water I brush my teeth with. Diet Coke, Coffee, Coffee, Beer, Beer, Diet Coke…..you get the picture. I started the week with a liter of spring water and refilled it several times today.

My bottle, as it’s filled now, is from the Bucher Elementary School “ECOSYSTEM”. No appreciable “trade winds”, but just as hydrating (and FREE).

Speaking of beverages, Scott switched from regular Coke to Cherry Coke Zero, his first “diet” drink and struggled to wrap his head around the relative “fairness” of the following choices (he drank the 12oz can) having the SAME number of calories (which would be ZERO) while the “volume” of flavor is clearly disparate.

He was only slightly comforted by the possibility that “thirsty-two” ounce drinkers (myself included) are dancing with death…