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It’s full of calories and also qualifies as a weakness, so I guess it’s both.

The last remnant of holiday sweetness, and he’s a big boy. At over a foot tall, it’s the biggest molded chocolate I’ve ever seen. Like the turkey at Thanksgiving, this one also came from my uncle who is obsessed with this old-school candy shop that he discovered a couple of years ago. They make all kinds of crazy intricate chocolate molds in milk, dark, and white chocolate. We’ve gotten rabbits on motorcycles, Persian cats, historically accurate Army jeeps, and farm equipment. They’re gorgeous, but they’re WAY more chocolate than one person (or family of four) should have. Besides, I’ve already developed the complexion of a 16-year-old, from all of the other candy I ate over the holiday.

Until I took the above picture, it was still swaddled in cellophane – taking up precious counter top real estate. It’s always hard to break off that first piece, but, today, I busted its legs to get it to fit into a jumbo Ziploc (It felt kind of like a mob hit). I wonder if food banks take chocolate? I could take it into work, but we just started a wellness initiative, and I might get slapped by the school nurse.

Actually, just looking at it makes me never want to eat chocolate again, so I’ll hang on to it for a while. My sister thought she had the right idea this year. She got to my uncle ahead of time and told him point-blank – no chocolate, please. For this refreshing bit of honesty, she received FIVE POUNDS of pistachios instead, which should effectively kill any craving she had for THOSE.

My uncle enjoys buying them and giving them and I don’t have the heart to quash the whole thing. I have until Easter to finish Seabiscuit – I’ll just have to pace myself…*groan*…