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I should probably come up with a list of areas for improvement. In years past, I have made my share of resolutions to make sweeping changes in the way I live my life, and followed through with very few of them.

This year, the happy fact of the matter is that my life is pretty awesome just the way it is. I think that I’ll embrace what I’ve managed to do right already and just keep on keeping on in 2012.

So, here’s a list of some things I’d like to do, remembering that it’s all just icing on the cake:

1) Figure out how to use Adobe Photoshop….not to create art, but to make funny pictures of the dog.

2) Read some more good books and participate in the inaugural discussion of the new book group I was recently invited to join (thanks, comicbookvirgin!).

3) Get back in the habit of enjoying our “downtown” area. The market, the downtown branch of the library, and the super cool cemeteries (yes, I said cemeteries) are worth it.

4) Eat yummy (and less processed) food. Reese’s peanut butter cups are free range, right?

5) Pick a new TV show to become addicted to and rent back episodes from Blockbuster to watch on the treadmill. Something funny, please. Dramas need not apply.

If I have any down time, I suppose becoming a better wife, parent, and human being couldn’t hurt. No pressure, though.