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Squirrelcircus here.  STILL stuffed from our noontime meal and feeling gratitude for……


“The Guys” — yes, they have wonderfully different personalities, but they know that they’ll always be “my guys”, and I couldn’t be prouder of them or love them more.


My wonderful husband! He’s a little camera-shy, but this is a good likeness. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else…seriously….a lot of people work my nerves in less than an hour. Incredibly funny, patient, supportive, kind, and hard-working. In fact, his plans for Black Friday include cleaning ALL the windows and changing out screens and putting up the Christmas lights with the boys, while I’m out spending the day with my sister. Thanks, honey!

Bailey, our 18-month-old husky-mix – with a personality that fits in our family in a way that’s a little scary. We call him the “the old man” because of the funny sighs and grunts he makes when he’s getting serious about a nap. Don’t be fooled, though. I’m working on a post tentatively titled “Home Decor that Doubles as Dog Treats”…

12″ tall chocolate turkey — my uncle’s contribution to today’s meal and an ugly scene later when everyone wanted to take some home (not entirely unlike the real turkey — which was even more graphic). Yum.

A Thanksgiving first for my mom’s house — champagne! Courtesy of my uncle and aunt from Baltimore – now my “favorite” uncle and aunt – their contribution kept everyone’s spirits bubbly (pleasant…nonconfrontational…you get the picture – what holiday doesn’t need that kind of help!?)

Everyone gathered around the table today. What? They have a movie coming out? Ah yes, that too, but mostly representative of my slightly off-center family! They can all wonder which muppet they are……

And last, but by no means least, my friends whose presence in my life I cherish — in person, through email, by text, and in visits here to Squirrelcircus headquarters. I love you all! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!