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As in “at a complete standstill”. After having written more words in a row than I have EVER before, the first couple of days, I completely flailed on it this weekend. I found about a hundred things to do, rather than continuing to drill away at my plot which, by Saturday morning, I was already falling out of love with. Each and every activity had its own merits, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am now 6,000 words behind. Ugh.

Here’s what I spent my time doing (in case you need any ideas to fill the time that you should be writing).

IRONING: Nothing says Friday night like ironing. Seriously. I can see you all nodding your heads in agreement. Especially when you have a whole four hours to yourselves while the kids are at a birthday party. Unfortunately, there was reason to suspect that the dog had eaten all or part of a giant rubber band ball that he lifted from one of the boys’ rooms. We thought it best to order in and wait for the inevitable, which, thankfully, never came to pass (get it? pass? I crack me up). On the up side, I polished off a month of ironing.

ACCOUNTED FOR ALL OF THE DOG’S POSSESSIONS: See above. After the rubber band ball was discovered under the couch, I made it a project to collect actual dog toys from all over the house and also clean up the doggy dining area. It was like Christmas came early for Bailey. He saw toys he hasn’t seen in months. And I didn’t step on a cruchy piece of dog food in my bare feet ALL weekend.

ATTENDED END O’ SEASON PIZZA PARTY: For the twins’ U10 soccer team. I love me some pizza buffet. Hello buffalo chicken pizza. Suprisingly, only one person vomited, and it wasn’t one of ours. Nice.

TOOK THE DOG TO THE PARK: To tire him out on Saturday before I…….

HELPED A FRIEND MOVE: Just across town, but that kind of move is surprisingly difficult. You have to force yourself to do it all at once, or else it will stretch on forever. This was their last day with the Uhaul, and we got ‘er done.

CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET: Making two storage tubs – clothes that are too small (also known as “don’t buy a whole new wardrobe while recovering from pneumonia”) and clothes that are too big (apparently, I have started “caring” about what I look like again, and the comfy jeans get a break). Realizing that there just wasn’t that much left I….

WENT TO OLD NAVY: Printed out a 30% off purchase coupon online (heads — it expires today 11/08/11) and picked up some khakis and blahkis for work, that need hemmed….

Which, brings me to tonight. Pasta dinner for the four of us and then a sweet potatoe casserole to go, for a teacher appreciation luncheon tomorrow. I may be able to get some words down…unless I get the sewing machine out.

What have you been doing instead of writing?