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Sitting at the front desk in the library trying to look super busy. Actually, the tip off that I am not on official business may actually be that I am typing away and look like I’m thinking quite hard, when, honestly, nothing here requires that much concentrated effort (that sounded awfully snarky, and I really didn’t mean it to be). 

School (mine and the boys’) lets out early today – the start of a three-and-a-half day weekend, and I’m determined to make it an enjoyable one. I’ve noticed that, since starting to work, I’ve regretably become a bit of a monster about how I spend the “free” time that I have. 

Finding the time to read, write, and cook everything that I want has become more difficult (I would have said “clean” also, but I can’t even pretend that’s been a priority lately!). As I’m still in the denial stage, as far as time management goes, I’ve been generally cranky AND unproductive at home.

As easy as it seems for my husband to build an invisible glass room around the laptop while he works right in the middle off all of us, I haven’t quite figured out how to do that, and I remain a center of activity for the boys and the dog.

Whoa — I came VERY close just now to saying “Don’t get me…..”! Instead, I will say that while I am thankful that the boys are inquisitive, engaged, and interested in what I’m doing (and want to tell me about everything that they are doing-which is a GOOD thing), their grasp on the concept of personal space is at an all-time low. How I loved reading to them or with them, all of us snuggled into the “big chair” in our family room! Now the two of them don’t even fit in the chair together, and the couch is only about one (me-sized) person wide these days.

My goal for the weekend, then, is to do some fun things with the boys and try my best to be fully engaged in our time together. Then, hopefully I can retreat to my study or head out to Starbucks for a bit and feel less guilty and more productive.

I’ll be sure to report back…..Wish me luck!